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Brixia Cotton Company

Fabrics for shirts, yarn dyed, easy care with XLA® patent (NO IRON). ECORGANIC.

Attentive to offering a wide range of shirt fabrics, Brixiatrade Spa has established itself in the national and international market to ensure a product of excellent quality at an excellent price with the best service and great availability of fabric ready in stock.
Ready to meet any request, the company now enjoys the trust of numerous satisfied customers to pack their garments with our fabrics.
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Brixiatrade Spa, founded in 1975 in Borgosatollo, in the Province of Brescia, has distinguished itself for over 40 years by playing a leading role in the textile and yarn production fields.
The company, always attentive to quality and technological innovation, after a constant evolution has proposed itself in a more incisive way, specializing in shirt items and responding to the needs of a constantly changing market, inserting the new ECORGANIC line in the new collection.
The Borgosatollo company, always updated and in step with the times, then proposes two collections, spring / summer and autumn / winter, thanks to which it is present in the most important national and international shirt shops. Finally, alongside its excellent offer, the service is added, which can be customized and tailored to each individual customer.


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