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Chinese packer of high quality down-filled, heat-taped, heat-sealed, glued and garment-dyed outerwear.

Company investment of clothing factory in hefei, anhui province has two workshop, a total of more than 100 people. Four big workshop assembly line, all the year round to do down jacket. Small workshop is specializing in the production of seamless rail adhesive functional down jacket, and is equipped with a laser machine, rolling machine, hot air blower, etc special equipment.
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Shanghai Sanqi Clothing Co., Ltd. is a foreign trade company with the right of self-management of import and export. It was registered and established in 2001. It is located on the 8th floor of Wujing Baolong Square, No. 39 Lane 2, Shangyi Road, Minhang District, Shanghai.

The company's main business targets are Japan, Europe and the domestic market. The main products are all kinds of high-end functional down jackets. About 500,000 pieces are sold annually, with annual sales exceeding 120 million yuan.
In order to better serve customers, the company has a sample design and production center, and synchronized with the company office. The center is equipped with garment CAD system, cutting, sewing, ironing, laser cutting, hot rolling, glue rolling and other complete sets of equipment.

In addition to the development and production of sample clothes, the center also has the function of making fine small orders. Hundreds of new down jackets can be launched every year, creating high value for all customers.


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