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Traditional Prato yarn-dyed wool blend fabrics.

The Star company, after more than thirty years of activity, sees in the second generation the continuous evolution of fabrics that, in step with the times, respectful of the environment, offers perhaps the most complete range of designs, weights and weaves for the manufacture of outerwear, jackets, coats, overshirts for men and women.
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Always in Prato, there are people who with great skill and skill select the colors and fibers from the "rags". After this first selection, we moved on to laceration and fiber reduction in order to obtain a wick that could, once the color was created, be spun and from the yarn warped and woven into various patterns that could be classic or innovative to make garments of 'clothing.
In the past this happened to have "fabrics" that had a precious appearance, but above all the price.
Over time this process has acquired a new unexpected value, the recycling of exhausted materials that accumulated production after production creating the problem of disposal / pollution.
Today they find new life in the evolution of this modernized production chain and attentive to the less impactful manufacturing process on the environment.


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