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Fabrics in wool, classic wool blends, linens, cottons, heps with an unmistakable heritage flavor for outerwear, trousers and shirts

Il titolare Stefano Ciardi:

<< Pantex, or the contradictory: it does not sell fabrics; produces them. It has no website, it does not advertise: it puts fabrics, colors, designs on the table; Pantex is a company (= organization of people aimed at the production and exchange of goods and services) at the same time young (because it is dynamic and always renewed in its products) and "old" (because it is well rooted in tradition, for which it shows great respect ).

Elitist, selective, grumpy, sometimes proud. Basically “no logo” (but in the midst of a transition towards GRS, RWS, BCI, GOTS certifications to keep up with the times). Guided by impeccable taste, desire for authenticity, passion for beautiful, good and characterful yarns: these qualities that are reflected in their fabrics. Whether we are talking about luxury items (very fine carded in soft and refined 150's) or the "humble" tweeds in regenerated wool, there is an excellent price-quality ratio, and centered colors and designs, with great variety. >>


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